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Unedited testimonials

Just about recovering. We arrived home to hear the birds waking up on Saturday morning, May we say that the whole of our adventure exceeded all of our expections. You certainly ‘sussed out’ the most charming and full of character Riad and Kasbah’s each with its own quality, For us the tone of the whole trip was set when Lahcen met us in Marrakech resplendent in his traditional Berber attire and landcruiser, He looked after us so well that Pam, who usually can’t wait to get home during the last few days of a holiday, wanted to stay longer this was a first for her.”
Ken and Pam. April 2013

A quick note of thanks to you and Bobo for our spectacular trip to Erg Chigaga. Every aspect exceeded our expectations. The temperature was mild, the facilities lovely, the food perfect and the whole experience was natural and not contrived. This was adventure travel at its best, with unique daily activities both planned and spontaneous. Great bonding with the Bobo and the other Berbers. We will post on Trip Advisor, but wanted to let you know that this portion of the trip was a HUGE success.”
Richard. April 2013

I wanted to say that your camp, and indeed the whole experience, was immaculate. I have been in the desert, always on a similar sort of expedition (start in a city and drive in, stay overnight or two, drive back) in many places, and none come close to yours. Our driver and guide was excellent. He was friendly, spoke English well, and was attentive to our needs. He drove very safely in treacherous traffic, which can easily be the most stressful part of such an experience, and was informative and helpful. The camp was very comfortable. The staff were generous and welcoming. The food was the best on our three week trip through Europe and North Africa. The whole thing was as advertised. I would recommend this to anyone. It was incredibly beautiful.”
David. April 2013

I have to thank you for some fabulous days in the desert. You and Bobo have set up something very special. We got along splendidly with the other couples that we shared the camp with and contributed to an even joyous experience. The staff, transfer/guide, accomodation, food, and setting were all great!. Kate danced her ass off every single night.”
Leon. March 2013

The camp was great - would definitely recommend. Quite incredible what you have done with those tents! Service is great, vibe very relaxed… and the chef is terrific.

Also Yahya as you know is a superb driver and a good guy. We felt very safe indeed. He was also kind of unobtrusive - although he was looking after us all the time we hardly noticed he was with us! Ideal.”
David. March 2013

First off, just let me say that we had an amazing time at the camp. It was definitely the highlight of our time in Morocco. The camp was comfortable, the scenery was amazing and the staff was top-notch. We could not have asked for a better experience.”
Jeff. February 2013

As for the camp:
We had a fabulous time. Abdul our driver was great. Bobo was an absolute delight along with all the others. Really a first class deal. My father in law had the time of his life. We made friends with the Danes that were there. Really could not of been a better trip. Train ride home to tanger worked perfect as we all slept great. Please pass along to all the guys our appreciation for a once in a life time experience. I would recommend you to anyone interested in a similar experience.”
Jason. February 2013

So good to hear from you - we were talking the other day about our time at Erg Chigaga, and how, months later, the impact or memory has somehow deepened and the after-effects continue in a strange, ever-deepening, spiritual way - might be gobbledy-gook to most but I’m sure you know what I mean.

It’s as if some kind of osmosis at soul level is still occurring from our amazing trip there. And we remain very, very grateful.”
Vincent and Nicky, December 2012

We had such a wonderful time that I literally can still smell the desert!”
David. December 2012

First, a big thank you for arranging a wonderful trip for Nicky & me - we had an amazing time, and it will go down as one of our more significant holidays (and believe me, we’ve done a fair few!).

The camp was great - wonderful people, especially Bobo and Chtukie!
The service was top class, and this by a bunch of men! Normally we expect some dainty female touch to add to the more subtle side of hospitality, but your guys were great. They are above all lovely people - gentle, proud, fun-loving, sincere and always willing to help & please. You’ve got a good team there.

It was good that we spent nearly a week there - most people seem to spend only 2 or 3 days, but we felt that it took at least 3 days to calm down, listen to the silence, and to leave our frazzled world behind. Despite the cold (and it was bloody cold at night!), we feel we spent the right amount of time there. We loved the tent we had, a bit away from the main camp; we loved the food & the fire, and we even loved the camel ride - sore bums notwithstanding!

I think the highlight was the Nomadic camp - sheer magic, and of course, listening to amazing Touareg music in the car with Chtukie, both in the desert, and during the long drives to and from Marrakech.”
Vincent. December 2012

You should be very proud of the experience you have created. It was not only one of the highlights of our trip but of our lives.

Bobo went above and beyond to make the experience magical.”
Stephen. April 2012

I am writing to express our satisfaction of the great hospitality and ambiance that we experienced at the Camp. It was really a magical experience to cross over the new year in tranquility and great sunrise and sunset views over the sand dunes.”
Cathy A. December 2011

We just came back from our amazing trip to Morocco, the highpoint of which was the excursion to Erg Chigaga. We have no words to express our thanks to you, Bobo and the other people in the camp for this lifechanging experience. It exceeded even our wildest expectations. I only hope that we could transmit our satisfaction and gratitude for everything to all of you.”
John P. December 2011

We loved the camp, and congratulate you on its organisation and the people running it.
Larsen was superb, and did a magnificent job driving us.
The food was wonderful, as was the service at the camp.
All in all, a memorable holiday, and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.”
Richard. G November 2011

I would really like to thank you and Bobo for making our trip to the desert pleasant, enjoyable and a wonderful experience. I truly appreciated your patience with our questions, answering them in a very timely and professional fashion. We did not know what to expect traveling with a toddler in the desert and I am so glad we made the trip. You have a great partner in Bobo who was very friendly, caring in true Berber fashion. We really enjoyed his company.

The staff and the facilities at the camp were great. Please convey our gratitude to them.”
Chetan. P October 2011

You’re certainly right about the desert being the draw. It was the desert that got me Googling in the first place, when looking for an escape from Beijing’s crush of maddening humanity. And even this evening, as Daphne and I sat in our jacuzzi, watching the sunset in Santorini, we couldn’t escape our shared urge to escape this PG postcard, and get back to the vastness, silence and rawness of the desert. For Daphne especially, who’s been an urbanite literally since birth, those few days and nights in the desert were life-changing. In comparison, all else (Santorini luxury resort, for example) just seems insipid, packaged, fake, contrived.

I think for the uninitiated, the desert conjures up notions of emptiness, of nothingness. But we found that this couldn’t be more untrue. Even the simple act of looking up at the night sky (stars DO twinkle), in an instant, expanded our worlds and minds expand to infinity. Rather than find nothing, we finally saw everything. It brought Daphne to tears.”
Gerald S. September 2011

Thanks for a superb stay at the desert camp. It was beautiful, very romantic, and exceeded our expectations in every way. We really appreciated the personal touches at the camp, such as the cooking course for Elizabeth, the outside bed for sleeping at a hot time of the year, and the Berber wedding outfits we were given by Bobo. We felt very special given that we had the camp to ourselves, and the camp stayed open just for us for the last few weeks.”
Benjamin June 2011

If you handle all of your clients the way you handled the trip with us you will be very successful in this venture. The desert camp was so much better then I expected on a whole number of levels. The part that can’t be ignored or underestimated is the way this arrangement allows for visitors, if they wish, to meet and spend time with local people. I am not sure I can express how privileged I felt to meet Bobo and his family of folks who work at the camp.  Getting a small look at their culture, environment and the community they are a part of gives one a special idea of how diverse the world actually is and get how similar we all are as people.”
Lisa G. March 2011

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